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Dec 18 2010
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Outdoor range closing for winter safety

Effectively immediately all of the outdoor "solid projectile" range are closed to prevent problems with bullets or slugs ricocheting off the frozen ground. The date of reopening depends on the weather, but is usually in April. Information will be on the blockhouse and in the newsletter.

Winter trap and skeet league dates and rule changes

To reduce or eliminate paperwork and confusion this year the league fee will be paid at the first shoot, and will cover the league costs and banquet. No more counting how many shoots people made, partial fees, single one time $35 fee, and range fees collected at the matches actually shot.

All shoots will be at 11am, every Sunday, starting Jan 2nd with trap and alternating trap and skeet weeks after that.

Outdoor camp sponsorships

This year Iroquois will sponsor up to six campers to go to outdoor camp, and it will be all of the camps, not just Camp Colby. Available to campers age 12-17, boys and girls, the club will rebate half of the camper's $350 fee for a week. Where else can you send your kids to a good camp for a cost to you of $175 a week? Camps will include hunting training, fishing, chess, hiking, and kids favorite activity, running around yelling.

Ask Lew Callahan for more details.

Election of 2011 officers

December is election time, here is the slate off candidates:
Brian Ouillette
Vice President
Ron Michon
Recording Secretary
Ron Dessormeau
Membership Secretary
Lew Callahan
Brian Squires
Leon Wroblewski
Leo Savoie
Walt Cituk
Frank Hernandez
Bill Davidsen
Ted Helveston
Paul Cituk
Conservation Council
(info only, appointed by President)
Lewis Callahan
Carm Bradt
Trustees are appointed by the President

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